Update your router for better protection…

Your router will periodically have updates during its lifespan. While some are to fix bugs or flaws, many others include security updates which are necessary to help protect against hackers. Many (if not most) off-the-shelf models must be updated manually by logging into the router and either downloading and installing the update or searching for, then installing the update. While your router will operate normally without these updates, they should be updated soon after the updates are available. If your router has not offered any updates in the last year, the manufacturer may have decided to stop updating it altogether. At this point, is often a good choice to replace it with a current model just to make sure you have all the protection known and available. The most protective solution requires stepping up in cost to a professional level router that will provide periodic automatic updates. The added cost of using these router involves a yearly subscription which could also run into hundreds of dollars a year, but with the problem of ransomware only getting worse, every security option available should be taken advantage of.

The Linksys MR7350 Dual Band AX1800 – last update 12-2021 and will probably not receive any more
The Linksys 2100L – last firmware update in 2012