Windows Shortcut Keys-

What would you ever do without a mouse? The answer is, you can do almost anything! Here are many keystroke combinations that could speed up routine tasks, or just assist if you are having trouble with your mouse or trackpad.

* Items = shortcuts that work in many, but not all programs
Control + F4: Closes current window
Control + Esc: Displays the start menu.
Control + Tab: Moves through Property tabs.
Control + Alt + Delete: Brings up ‘Close Program’ program
Control + Left-Arrow or Right-Arrow key: move to next word *
Control + Shift + Left-Arrow or Right Arrow key: highlight next word
Control + A: Selects all items in current window.
Control + B: Bolds highlighted text. *
Control + F: Opens the Find window. Type in what you’re searching for. *
Control + I: Italicizes highlighted text. *
Control + U: Underlines highlighted text. *
Control + M: Same as enter/return
Control + N: Open up a new web page window *
Control + O: Open file
Control + C: Copy (Works in text editing programs as well as Windows Explorer)
Control + X: Cut (Works in text editing programs as well as Windows Explorer)
Control + V: Paste (Works in text editing programs as well as Windows Explorer)
Control + W: close web page window * (very useful if web pages keep opening up every time you close one.)
Control + Z: Undue last command. *

F1 – Display help for current application
F2 – Renames object
F3 – Find: When explorer is open, brings up find files, finds next instance of desired word in many other programs
F4 – Selects the Go to A Different Folder box on the taskbar and moves down the entries
F5 – Refreshes current window
F6 – Moves among panes
F10 – Allows navigation of pull down menus with arrow keys

Shift+Right or Left-Arrow: Highlights next letter
Shift+Control+Right-Arrow or Left-Arrow: Highlights next word
Shift+End: Highlight to end of line
Shift+Home: Highlight to beginning of line
Shift+Delete: Deletes backwards
Shift+Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow: Highlight previous or next line
Shift+Page-Up or Page-Down: Highlight previous or next page
Shift+F10: Equivalent of right-click
Shift+Del: Deletes immediately without going to the Recycle Bin
Shift+Tab: Moves to previous control in the dialog box (TAB alone goes forward,
Shift+Tab: backward)
Shift+Insert: Paste copied item or file *
Shift+Right Click: allows OPEN WITH…-option to open file with any program
Pressing Shift while holding down CTRL and dragging to the desktop or to a folder creates an instant shortcut. (Of course,you can do the same thing by clicking and holding the right mouse button, letting go on the desktop, and choosing “create shortcut.”)
Press Shift when inserting a CD-ROM and you can skip auto-run

The Windows icon key located on the bottom of your PC’s keyboard is a little-used treasure. It is the shortcut anchor for the following commands.
Windows: Display Start Menu
Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows
Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer
Windows + F: Display find: all files
Windows + M: Minimize all windows
Windows + R: Display Run command
Windows + Shift S: Snip section of screen with Snipping Tool
Windows + Ctrl + F: Display find: computer
Windows + F1: Display help for Windows
Windows + Tab: Cycle through buttons on taskbar
Windows + Break: Display system properties dialog box
Windows + Shift + M: Undo minimize all windows

Alt + F4: Close current program
Alt + Tab: Switch between open programs
Alt + Shift + Tab: Switch backwards between open programs
Alt + Enter: view a file’s properties (when a dos program is on the screen, this will ‘window’ & ‘un-window’ the program)
Alt + Left Arrow: go to previous web page *
Alt + Spacebar: bring up minimize/maximize window
Alt + Letter underlined in menu: chooses that option
Keys that have uses in other areas
Tab – Switch between text entry boxes
Delete – Delete highlighted item
End – move to end of line
Home – move to beginning of line
Insert – switches to overwrite-letters mode *
Print Screen/sometimes Shift + Print Screen – takes snap shot of Windows screen.
Alt + Print Screen – takes snap shot of currently selected program

(To display snapshot in your word processing program, (perhaps- for printing),go to EDIT under pull down menu, click PASTE SPECIAL, then BITMAP. (Does not work in Notepad)

Control – F: Find
F3 (while doing find) : find next

If you use your Windows Explorer with in details view, there is an easy way to resize all those details for optimum size! When you are in Details View, press CTRL and + at the same time. This is the plus sign on the numeric keypad, not the plus sign next to the backspace key. All your details columns are sized for pure performance.

F8 when editing in Word to select larger sections of text automatically space bar when viewing web pages to scroll down Find synonyms faster.

Shift+F7 will bring up the thesaurus. Or you can get a few quick suggestions by right-clicking the word and selecting “Synonyms.” Pick one and Word makes the swap automatically.

Scroll faster. Word can bog down if you’re scrolling through a document with a pile of pictures. Here’s what you do: Select Options from the Tools menu and then click on View. From there, select the Picture placeholders check box under Show.

To insert a hyperlink, CTRL+K.
To shift case, highlight and use Shift+F3.
To repeat what you just did, use F4 or CTRL+Y.

Alt Left Arrow – Go Back a Page

Alt Right Arrow – Go Forward a Page

F5 or Ctrl R – Reload Page

F6 or Alt D or Ctrl L – Go to URL Address field

Ctrl F5 or Ctrl Shift R – Reload (override cache)

Ctrl N – New Window

Ctrl – T – New Tab

Ctrl Shift P – New Private Window

Ctrl P – Print

Ctrl H – Show History Sidebar

Ctrl Shift H – Library window (History)

Ctrl B – Show Bookmarks Sidebar

Ctrl Shift H – Show All History

Ctrl Shift Delete – Delete Recent History

Ctrl D – Bookmark This Page

Ctrl Shift B – Show All Bookmarks

Ctrl J – Show Downloads

Ctrl K or Ctrl E – Jump to search bar

/ – Quick Find

Ctrl F – Find

Ctrl G or F3 – Find Again

Ctrl W or Ctrl F4 – Close Tab

Ctrl Shift W or Alt F4 – Close Window

Ctrl (plus) – Zoom In

Ctrl (minus) – Zoom Out

Ctrl (Zero) – Actual Size

F11 – Fullscreen

Ctrl N – New Window

Ctrl – T – New Tab

Ctrl Shift N – New Incognito Window

Ctrl P – Print

Ctrl H – Show History

Ctrl D – Bookmark This Tab

Ctrl Shift D – Bookmark All Tabs

Ctrl Shift O – Bookmarks Manager

Ctrl Shift B – Show Bookmarks Bar

Ctrl J – Show Downloads

Ctrl F – Find

Ctrl Shift Del – Delete Browsing History

Shift Esc – Task Manager

Ctrl (plus) – Zoom In

Ctrl (minus) Zoom Out

FindCtrl – F
Find & ReplaceCtrl – H
Spell CheckF7
Save AsF12
New DocumentCtrl – N
Open DocumentCtrl – O
PrintCtrl – P
FontCtrl – D 
BoldCtrl – B
ItalicCtrl – I
Select TextShift – Arrow/ Shift-Ctrl-Arrow
Alternate between displaying cell values and displaying cell formulasCTRL+` (single left quotation mark)
Display the Format Cells dialog boxCTRL+1
Edit CellF2
Display the Go To dialog boxF5
Save AsF12
FindCrtl – F
Find & ReplaceCtrl – H
Insert the current timeCTRL+:
Insert today’s dateCTRL+;
Move to the beginning of the worksheetCTRL+HOME
Move to the last cell on the worksheetCTRL+END
Select the current columnCTRL+SPACEBAR
Select the current rowSHIFT+SPACEBAR
Select/ Highlight CellsShift – Arrow/ Shift-Ctrl-Arrow
Select/ Highlight Text while in Edit ModeShift – Arrow/ Shift-Ctrl-Arrow
Pan Up, DownScroll Wheel
Pan Left, RightScroll Wheel – Ctrl
Zoom In, OutScroll Wheel – Alt
Pan Up,Down CoarseScroll Wheel – Shift
Color .
DeselectCtrl Shift A
Direct Selection A
Fit In WindowCtrl – O
Hide Bounding BoxShift Ctrl B
Hide EdgesCtrl H
Overprint PreviewAlt Shift Ctrl Y
Pixel PreviewAlt Ctrl Y
PreviewCtrl Y
Selection V
Swap Fill/StrokeShift X
Zoom In/ OutCtril =, -, + –

Move Row – Alt Shift Up Down Arrow
New OneNote Instance – Ctl M
Take screen clipping – Win Shft S
Create Quick Note – Win N (located in unfiled notes)
Create another row when in the last cell in a table – Enter
Create row below current row – Ctl-Enter
Create Colum to right of current column – Ctrl-Alt-R

Title – F2 Ctrl Shift T/ Double Click Title
Close Note -F4/ Ctl D
New Note – Ctrl Alt – N
New Note From Clipboard – Ctrl Alt S
Manage – Win – Ctrl – Alt M
Screen Grab- Ctrl -Alt – M (Changed in Settings)
Reply Back to Note- Ctrl R
Size Text – Ctrl – Scrollwheel
Friends List- Ctrl 2x
Save All Stickies Immediately – Ctl Shift S
Size Note To Fit Text – Ctrl Shift W
Redo Last Undo – Ctl Shift Z
Size Text- Ctl +,-
Move Stickie With Keyboard – Alt Arrows


Size – Alt – Scrl Whl
Color -Shft – Scrl Whl
Font – Ctrl – Scrl Whl

Image Stickies
Arrow – A
Paste Image as Selection -s Shift E
Line Pen – L
Rectangle – R
Select – S
Crop to Selection – Return
Text – T