Internet Explorer is going away…

From a huge lawsuit to defunct & discarded, Internet Explorer is headed to Microsoft’s Recycle bin!!!…. but not right away.

Internet Explorer 11 will be the last full version, and is being replaced by Microsoft Edge as the default browser. In the meantime, security updates will be released for “I.E.” as long as the operating system it is on is still supported. Microsoft 365 products will end Internet Explorer support as of August 17, 2021. This could mean it will still receive updates for its use on Windows 10 up through 2025.

A quote from a Microsoft page “In order to ease the migration from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge offers Internet Explorer mode, providing backward compatibility and enabling customers to run many legacy web applications. Microsoft is committed to supporting Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge through the duration of the operating system’s lifecycle.” And indeed some sites work just as well as Internet Explorer in this mode. You may find this “Reload In Internet Explorer Mode” in the “More Tools” option of Edge.

First arriving in 1995, Internet Explorer was released as part Plus! for Windows 95, it eventually was included in OEM versions of Windows 95. Microsoft was involved in royalty lawsuits with the Spyglass company as well as the US Department of Justice for bundling Internet Explorer with Microsoft Windows. Microsoft also falsely asserted that Internet Explorer was so tightly integrated with Windows 98, that “it could not work without it” and was later disproved. During a time, Microsoft also bound PC manufacturers to include Internet Explore on PC’s they shipped, and would not allow the manufacturer to put an icon for any other browser in place of Internet Explorer.

Be mindful of removing it from your computer, even if you find the “Internet Explorer mode” available in Microsoft Edge to work just as well, as late versions of Quickbooks will produce errors if it cannot locate the installation presence of Internet Explorer.