Great Programs That Most People Don’t Know About

There are a few great programs that most people are unaware of and I love!

Stickies – Stickies is a program from Tom Revell of Zhorn Software that allows you to create moveable sticky notes on your screen of any text or image as well as organize them into nameable “Stacks”. Once they in the Stacks they can be shown or hidden instantly. Also with Hotkeys you can screen grab an area of the screen which can be annotated or drawn as well as saved into jpg or other formats and can be configured to send to others in your network or even email. Its also been continuously updated.  It makes periodic backups of the Stickies to protect your notes and it’s FREE !

OneNote – created by Microsoft – is a program available in online database format as well as locally stored. The locally stored database is recommended for private information, large amounts of data or speed, while the online database – stored on Microsoft’s cloud server can be synced with mobile devices. There seems to be no limit on the amount of notes or information that One-Note can handle. It easily stores text as well as pictures and has a built in structure to allow your notes to be stored in their own Notebook, Section Group, Section, or page. It is available as a program with the Microsoft Office suite – the latest versions being “OneNote 2019”, which allows uses to store their data locally or online ,  and for the online only version “OneNote for Windows 10” which is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

VNC Helper – This is one of the more technically challenging programs for users to setup, but it indispensable to me. It is similar to having a trimmed down and customizable Windows Start menu. With VNC Helper, ALL of your favorite folders, shortcuts, or programs can be added in this tiny desktop program with the ability to group them into customizable folders or groups while consuming a small mount of desktop space. It was also created by Tom Revell of Zhorn Software and it’s FREE !

Everything Search program by Void Tools. I’ve abandoned Microsoft Windows search tool for this powerful and fast search program.  It’s easier to use, arguably more powerful, just as fast and it’s… Free!