Professional I.T., Computer Service, & Computer Repair

Are you looking for professional, experienced, and affordable I.T. support for your PC or Mac in Southern California?

Look no further than Sure-fire Computing Solutions !  We’ve been providing reliable and affordable I.T. services to businesses and individuals in southern California for over 25 years!

We’re experts in both PC and Mac platforms, and able to fix almost any problem with your computer or network. From a slow computer, to one that randomly shuts off, to one that can’t maintain a connection to the internet, we’re here to address your technical issues. 

Some of the services we offer include: network installation and support, firewall installation and maintenance, server support and troubleshooting, or network / phone cabling and wiring.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and are always available to answer your questions and quickly help you resolve any I.T. issues you may have. We strive to communicate in easy-to-understand terminology and in a polite and friendly manner.

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Computer & I.T. Help / Problems We Solve

  • Fixing that computer that just isn’t working right.
  • Migrating programs and data to a new computer.
  • Connecting to the network and/or internet.
  • Speeding up a slow computer.
  • Replacing  & upgrading equipment.
  • Improving wireless coverage.
  • Printer connection issues.
  • Email sending or receiving problems
  • Internet browsing issues.
  • Protecting your data with backup, router and anti-virus systems.
  • Setting your mobile phone to receive emails
  • Handling your tech problems so you don’t have to.
Tech Problems Resolved, Now A Happy Computer User With a Fast, Properly Working Computer

Tech Problems Resolved, Computer Working Great!

We strive to resolve your computer / IT issue as fast as possible, and with today’s health concerns, we strive  to resolve most issues without physical visit!
Have a computer or tech issue impeding your work? Just call for assistance!